SaddleBrooke Two Property Owners

What is it?  Why do you need it?

STPO is an advocacy group representing the interests of HOA #2 homeowners through transition. It is a homeowner-sponsored organization that relies on voluntary contributions to support its programs, and more importantly, on homeowner volunteers and expertise for participation in its activities. The Board of Directors is comprised of seven residents elected by the homeowners.  The Board meets monthly at the MountainView Clubhouse and homeowners are invited to attend. Meeting dates and times can be found on our website ( and in TWO'S NEWS.


The HOA#2 Board of Directors, governs the homeowners association. It consists of a five member Board made up of three Robson Communities Inc. (RCI) employees and, thanks to the past efforts of the STPO, two HOA #2 residents.  The HOA #2 Board and eleven resident-staffed committees are responsible for operating the association All decisions rest with the Board, which historically has favored the RCI position.

STPO is independent of RCI and represents the views of the homeowners.  Its Board strives to work closely with both the resident HOA#2 board members and RCI.  However, the Board is free to pursue its own course when resident priorities differ from those of RCI. 


STPO publishes TWO'S NEWS, the only SaddleBrooke publication that accepts letters to the editor, thus providing a forum for homeowners to express their views. TWO’S NEWS has a very talented and dedicated volunteer staff, including a communications chair, three editors, professional production/design personnel, an advertising manager, and an efficient distribution system.

STPO plans to be very active in working with HOA #2 volunteers when the time comes to negotiate the terms under which RCI will relinquish control over association affairs, a process known as “transition.”

We also maintain a website ( about STPO and community activities, and we organize Town Hall meetings and an Annual Meeting to elect officers.

Another important STPO activity is its community action efforts representing the interests of HOA #2 homeowners. STPO representatives meet with county and state officials, along with RCI Board members and other officials to address such topics as zoning ordinances, property taxes, utility rates, plans for future developments in and around SaddleBrooke, incorporation and other topics identified as priorities by the residents.  Issues and concerns of residents are either directly presented to the STPO Board or provided by the Unit Reps.  The Unit Reps are critical to the effective flow of information between the residents and the STPO and HOA #2 Boards. The Reps attend the STPO Board meetings as participants and meet periodically with the HOA #2 Board.

STPO volunteers also monitor and maintain relationships with the HOA #1.


 When RCI purchased additional property for HOA #2, the company asked STPO to survey homeowners to obtain their priorities for the types of amenities to be included in the new Units 42-45 and 46-50. The results of this survey were published in TWO'S NEWS, and were presented to homeowners at a Town Hall meeting and to RCI officials. RCI was very appreciative and impressed with these efforts, and after much discussion, agreed to build theDesertView Center on a scale much larger than planned initially.




STPO is currently engaged in an effort to persuade the HOA #2 Board to conduct a Reserve Study to determine the long-term capital needs of our resident-owned facilities.  These include all clubhouse buildings, common areas, and some 30 miles of streets.  Once this study is complete, a special reserve fund that, pursuant to IRS rules, can only be used for capital needs, will be created, thus providing the most economical means of funding anticipated repair and replacement costs in the future.  Efforts in this area have included sponsoring legislation to require that these studies be done in a timely manner, and periodically updated.

If you believe in, and wish to support the STPO, there are two things you can do. The first is to become personally involved and lend your expertise to the organization. The second is to make a voluntary contribution of $20 annually per household to help defray STPO’s operational expenses.  A coupon for this contribution is included in most issues of TWO'S NEWS.